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Monday, October 18, 2010

Collaborative Assignment for ART 102 and WRIT 102

Hello ART 102 and WRIT 102,
This week team members from both classes must communicate with each other about the content of your next major projects. ART 102 is doing a Surrealist painting project and WRIT 102 is writing a short piece of fiction.

How to do this: team members must discuss the details of their projects with each other. The short stories must include an object, element, theme, etc. from the Surrealist painting (or vice versa) so the short stories and paintings have a connection. They obviously already share a connection in that they include information about or are inspired by the common building that the team is working with. However, you must also create another connection that comes from your imagination, not historical data.

For example, if an ART 102 student includes a desert in the background of the painting, perhaps the WRIT 102 student could include a character who is shopping at Woolworths in preparation for her trip to see the pyramids in the deserts of Egypt. Or, perhaps, a WRIT 102 student has a character who always wears an orchid in her hair. The ART 102 student could then incorporate an orchid in the painting.

These connections are not meant, necessarily, to control the entire piece, but they’re meant to be subtle links between the creative pieces.

Elizabeth Grbavcich and Kathy Hubbard

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